Standalone and networked MADI switch


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M12-BNC is a standalone coaxial MADI switch with single-channel routing and bridging capabilities. M12 can be networked and integrated with the optical OPTOCORE® and Cat5 SANE digital network systems. The unit provides eight dual coaxial MADI ports, offering 512 input and 512 output digital audio channels.

The audio engine is equipped with a single channel router, enabling routing from/to any MADI stream, either within the same device or between the remote devices. M12 can be used either as an extremely powerful standalone MADI router or as multi-channel MADI interface for the Optocore fibre ring network. The M12 is additionally equipped with two SANE ports, which enable sending and receiving up to 256 audio channels via standard CAT5 cable (MADI over Cat5). SANE ports together with two LAN interfaces can be used to switch Ethernet data as well.

The M12 is the perfect main MADI hub unit for a wide range of professional audio devices with MADI inputs and outputs such as digital consoles, DAW, playback devices and professional broadcast units. The huge amount of channels exchanged by one M12 makes it the ideal and the most cost effective interface for digital console systems as well as a perfect central device offering individual channel routing feature.


  • Now compatible with DiGiCo premium consoles
  • Single-channel routing and MADI stream bridging
  • 8 x dual coaxial MADI ports – 512 IN / 512 OUT
  • 2 x high-speed uplinks for redundant Optocore ring integration
  • 2 x SANE ports for MADI Cat5, X6R/V3R/Y3R-TP or LAN connectivity
  • 4 x RS485/422
  • 2 x LAN
  • Word Clock I/O
  • Dual redundant PSU
MADI Ports Convention AES10-1991 / AES10-2003
Inputs Number / Connectors 8 / coaxial BNC
MADI digital audio channels 56 or 64 per Input
Outputs Number / Connectors 8 / coaxial BNC
MADI digital audio channels 56 or 64 per Output
Data rate 125 Mbps
Impedance Termination 75 Ω

SANE, LAN ports
Audio TIA – 568A/B, Optocore 200 Mbit/s
LAN TIA – 568A/B, IEEE – 802.3 10/100 Mbit/s
Auxiliary Ports Convention EIA / TIA-485
Data channels Digital control data 4
Data rate Up to 10 Mbps
Impedance Termination 330 Ω
Source ≤ 10 Ω
Word clock Hardware standard 75 Ω / BNC
Data rate Depending on used sample rate 44,1 / 48 / 88,2 / 96 / 176,4 / 192 kHz
Impedance Output 75 Ω
Input 1k / 75 Ω software switch
Optical Link Input, Output, Dual – Full bandwidth
Connection Duplex LC (SFP MODULES)
Protocol Optocore
Transmission Full duplex
Data rate 2 x 2 Gbps
Optical wave guide cable lengths Multimode fibre 50 µm ≤ 700 m
Monomode fibre 9 µm ≤ 120 km (on request)
Power supply 2 independent power supplies with function check and automatic switch-over
Type Switch-mode, universal input
Mains voltage 100…240VAC, 50/60Hz, 10VA-typ
Frequency 50 … 60 Hz
Remote Control
Convention EIA / TIA-232 R x D, T x D / 57 600 Baud
USB Port Interface to PC
Dimensions 1 RU / 19″
W x H x D 483 x 44 x 200 mm 19.2 x 1.73 x 7.87 inch
Weight 2.83 kg 6.2 lbs