NEVE 8801

Channel strip.


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Designed to deliver the sound of the Neve 88R console in a single rackmount unit, the 8801 combines a Neve mic preamplifier, high and low pass filters, four bands of equalisation, a compressor, gate, dynamics side chain and an insert point. The order of the signal path can be easily modified as the producer requires. The filter section and/or the equalisation section can be routed to the dynamics side chain to tailor the dynamics response of any input signal. An optional Neve-designed analogue-to-digital converter accommodates all standard sample rates up to 192kHz, as well as direct-to-DSD conversion. Recall software (Mac- and PC-compatible) allows the 8801 to be seamlessly integrated with workstations, providing instantaneous recall of all external device settings.

• Balanced analogue I/O

• Insert send and return

• USB port for direct connection to Mac or PC

• Optional A-D converter

• 1U rack-mountable