NEVE 4081

4-channel mic preamp.


£2,495.00 Price excludes VAT

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The 4081 Quad Mic Preamp builds on the success of the 1081 and 1081R modules to deliver signature Neve sound with powerful control. Every function of the 4081 can be controlled directly from the front panel or by remote control using a Mac or Intel based computer with Neve Remote Control software. This provides a simple and elegant solution for users of ProTools, Nuendo, Cubase and similar DAW systems. Multiple 4081 units can be linked together to create up to 64 independent channels of Mic Preamps or Line Level inputs – all controlled from a single computer. An optional Digital card provides a FireWire/AES interface with four channels of A/D conversion to either AES or FireWire. An insert point is available before the A/D converter on each channel to allow external, analogue Outboard equipment to be switched into the signal path. Four channels of AES-to-analogue or FireWire-to-analogue conversion are also available.

• XLR Mic inputs can be switched between mic and electronically balanced line level

• Switchable 48V Phantom power supply

• Remote control using a Mac/Intel computer and Neve Remote Control software

• AES/FireWire output option

• Two units can be fastened together to provide 8-channels in a 3U rack

• 3U half rack-mountable