8-channel mic preamp.

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Where Legend Meets Future.

Packing eight 1073® remote-controllable preamps in a 2U rackmount case, the 1073OPX suits modern DAW-based workflows, where space is at a premium, whilst also offering that 1073 sound everyone knows and loves. It’s the Swiss Army knife for modern studios.

Remote Control

Every switch setting gain position and routing option can be remotely controlled from the 1073OPX app. This feature unlocks vast potential for many modern studios, live sound venues and broadcast suites. In addition, up to eight OPX units can be remotely controlled from the OPX app for 64 total remote-controlled 1073® preamps!

USB/Dante AD/DA Conversion

The groundbreaking 1073OPX optional digital card provides premium AD/DA conversion up to 192kHz for all eight preamps, plus a stereo digital monitor return. For professionals looking to connect to a Dante audio-over-IP network, dual ethernet ports allow for redundancy via primary and secondary connections or for home studio users the class-compliant USB 2.0 connection transforms the 1073OPX preamp into a complete studio audio interface.

Marinair® Transformers

The eight microphone preamps are balanced using our patented Marinair® transformers. This crucial element produces a sublime preamp quality and tone that is unmatched in the audio industry.

1dB Stepped Gain

The 1073OPX preamps are controlled from the stepped gain encoder in 1dB steps. This feature offers ultimate accuracy for stereo pairs and instrument groups through local or remote control.

Mic, Line, DI

Three inputs for microphone, line and instrument with independent gain settings & connections provide ideal recording inputs for the modern studio environment.

Class A DI

The instrument DI uses a unique class-A design and FET transistor to produce musical colouration and high performance for any connected instrument.

Smart Switch Controls

The innovative phantom power circuit uses built-in intelligence to ensure that the +48v is only sent to the microphone input, no matter what is connected. The -25dB of attenuation provided by the PAD switch is essential when recording a wide range of inputs and microphone types, whilst the 180-degree phase flip feature is handy in multi-microphone setups with multiple preamps. The 80Hz 12dB/Octave filter is perfect for cutting unwanted bass frequencies when recording higher register instruments.

Lo Z Impedance

The impedance switch toggles between 1.2kOhms and 300Ohms. These two settings optimise the preamp impedance for any modern or vintage microphone.

Front & Rear Connections

The 1073OPX has both front and rear input connections with independent switching. This layout allows for complete integration into a studio rack and a simple direct link to the front of the unit at any time without having to re-patch.

Monitoring & Summing

The 1073OPX analogue and digital monitor paths are ideal for connecting to studio loudspeakers with front-mounted headphone monitoring connections. In addition, each preamp output can be routed into the monitor path for latency-free monitoring or analogue summing.


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