NEUMANN U 47 fet

Reissue of classic condenser microphone


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The Neumann U 47 fet is a Collectors Edition reissue of the renown classic microphone manufactured from 1972 to 1986. Neumann has now resumed production of the U 47 fet to its original production documents and specifications.

The U 47 fet microphone is a condenser microphone with a cardioid directional characteristic and fet 80 circuit technology (also used in Neumann U 87) that delivers a wide dynamic range. The K 47 double large-diaphragm capsule is utilised in the  U 47 fet, with a slight boost in the range above 2 kHz.

The U 47 fet was heralded as a leading soloist microphone, and became legendary for the recording of bass-heavy instruments and the direct miking of loud amps. A switchable low-cut filter is provided to raise the lower cutoff frequency electronically from 40 Hz to 140 Hz, thus suppressing undesirable low frequencies (such as impact sound and wind noise), or serving to compensate for the proximity effect.

An attenuation switch is also provided to reduce the transmission level by 10 dB, allowing for the processing of sound pressure levels up to up to 147 dB. The output signal can also be attenuated by 6 dB via a switch on the bottom of the microphone to prevent overloading of the connected preamp.

Stable positioning is provided via a swivel-mounted on an integrated bracket. The bracket stand connector has 5/8″-27 internal thread, with an adapter for ½-inch and 3/8-inch threads. The microphone cable can be secured at the side of the stand connector, by using the knurled nut to fasten it in the slot (for cable diameters of up to 5 mm). This microphone is available in classic nickel.