KM100 output stage with AK30 omnidirectional capsule.


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The frequency response in the diffuse sound field is flat up to 10kHz, after which a treble boost of approximately 7dB is applied.

The KM100 modular miniature condenser mic system is composed of an active output stage and a choice of capsules for a variety of recording applications. An efficient, transformerless design achieves 124dB dynamic range, low noise, high output and exceptional RFI rejection. Capsules can be screwed directly into the output stage, making up any configuration, or separated from the output stage by a cable where unobtrusive mic’ing is important. The AK capsules combine with the KM100 output stage to make up the full microphone – for example, the AK30 with the KM100 makes the KM130. Therefore a ready-made microphone can be ordered, or alternatively you can order the KM100 output stage and then add capsules as desired.
Neumann KM100 Series capsules are available individually – please call for details.