Small-diaphragm digital microphones.


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Neumann Solution-D – AES42 Digital Microphones
AES42 is the international standard for digital microphones and Neumann make several microphones to this new standard.
A 28-bit A/D converter, optimised for the capsule signal conditions, receives the output signal directly from the microphone capsule. Level matching required for subsequent devices is performed digitally, in the microphone itself, removing the need for analogue components such as pre-amplifiers and external A/D converter. The microphone outputs 24-bits at the sample-rate selected. The immediate conversion of the analogue signal results in a significant improvement in the dynamic range and freedom from the interference and losses of analogue systems.
With the DMI-2 and DMI-8 digital microphone interfaces, familiar microphone settings such as the directional characteristic, pre-attenuation and low-cut filter can be controlled remotely. Or, the microphones can alternatively be connected to the AES/EBU or S-PDIF interface of a recording system by means of a connection kit. (However, if a connection kit is used and it is necessary to synchronise several microphones, a sample rate converter must be used.).
The range consists of:-
D-01 – a large diaphragm switchable-pattern microphone with almost all the extras that AES42 allows. Available as mic. only, mono kit or stereo kit.
KM-D – a modular series comprising of the KM-D module and an increasing range of interchangeable microphone heads – available in satin nickel or nextel finish, capsules include: nearfield omni (131), farfield omni (183), wide cardioid (143), cardioid (184), cardioid with bass roll-off (145), super-cardioid (185), with more coming soon. Accessories include remote cables and extension tubes. This series will expand to have the same functionality as the analogue KM100 series. Available singly, as starter kits or as stereo pairs.
TLM 103-D – a large diaphragm cardioid microphone – this is the AES42 version of the TLM 103 analogue microphone. Available in satin nickel or matt “black” on its own or as a starter kit.
DMI-2 / DMI-8 – Interface for 2/8 AES42 microphones – outputs to AES3 standard and come complete with RCS control software. Compatible with all AES42 microphones from all manufactures, including the new Sennheiser MZD 8000 module for the MKH 8000 series. .