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The KH870G subwoofer is designed to complement the Neumann range of studio monitors offering a new 7.1 High Definition Bass Manager. This is compatible with all standard consumer formats from mono through to the latest 7.1 HD systems. Eight analogue channels or an optional 8-channel, 24-bit, 192 kHz digital input card ensures flexible interconnectivity, while four-mode LFE-channel processing guarantees compatibility across all formats and industries.

Two 10-inch drivers coupled with a 400w amplifier deliver 118dB SPL. Housed in a durable cabinet with carefully designed ports, the KH 870 provides a tight, articulate, and distortion-free low frequency reproduction. Using the sum output, Plane Wave Bass Array (PWBA) techniques acoustically improves lateral consistency in the listening area and extending the LF down to 18 Hz. Front mounted ports allow the cabinet to be positioned next to, or flush mounted to a wall.