Digital microphone interface


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Neumann DMI-8, an eight-channel digital microphone interface, considerably simplifies the setup for multichannel applications.


In addition to the functions of the two-channel amp DMI-2 portable, the Neumann DMI-8 also offers the following features:

  • The capability of cascading up to 128 channels
  • D-sub 25 outputs with Tascam and Yamaha pin assignments
  • Optical ADAT interface
  • Open architecture for later connection to other multichannel interfaces and audio networks, such as EtherSound and MADI
The Neumann DMI-8 offers several possibilities for easy integration into audio networks. The ES100 (Neumann DMI-8) module enables integration into EtherSound networks.
Explanation Mode 2:
The DMI performs a frequency/phase comparison between the word clock signal recovered from the mic signal, and the word clock of the DMI. From the phase deviation thus determined, the DMI calculates a control signal which is transmitted via the remote control data stream to the mic, where it controls the frequency of the internal quartz oscillator.