Large diaphragm digital microphone.


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The Neumann D-01 is a digital microphone with a wide dynamic range of more than 130 dB. Neumann’s internal A/D conversion process negates the need for pre-amps and external A/D converters. A K 07 large double-diaphragm capsule is offered with a 30 mm diameter with protected internal electrodes.

The D-01 offers a wide range of new functions through integrated digital signal processing (AES 42-2001 to AES/EBU) conversion. The D-01 features a newly developed capsule and 15 different remotely controlled directional characteristics and numerous additional features, the D-01 features a newly developed capsule. Remote Control Software provides for control and monitoring of all microphone parameters and functions. Save, copy, and recall for complete setups. A Limiter (incl. de-esser), Phantom powering, Peak level meter, word clock in and out and an integrated word clock generator are all provided.