MUTEC MC-3.2 Smart Clock HD

Universal digital audio and SD/HD video sync master clock generator.


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The MC-3.2 Smart Clock HD is a universal digital audio and SD/HD video sync master clock generator. It provides different high-stable clock signals for simultaneous synchronization of digital audio and SD/HD video devices. Based on the circuit designs of the iClock and iD, MC-3.2 provides 16 outputs and offers the lowest clock-jitter, extremely high flexibility, and a simple user interface.

The MC-3.2’s SD bi-level video reference generator supports PAL 24/25fps and NTSC 29.97/30fps as Black + Burst, composite sync and colour bar. The HD tri-level video reference generator offers 720p, 1080i and 1080p formats with various frames rates. The MC-3.2 also generates 17 Word Clock rates up to 768.0kHz with the lowest jitter rates and ‘Super Clocks’ with all common Pull Ups/Downs. Different multipliers can be individually assigned to every pair of outputs for multi-clock-operation.

• SD bi-level and HD tri-level syncs simultaneously available

• Audio and video signals coupled to one common AES11, Grade 1

• Reference clock (0.5ppm)

• Word Clocks, Super Clocks, AES/EBU + S/PDIF blanks

• Built-in international power supply


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