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MOTU is an engineering-driven music technology company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. They are passionately driven to create products that help you produce amazing music. MOTU’s award-winning hardware and software are used by top professionals every day on hit songs, mega tours, primetime shows and blockbuster films.
If you would like to purchase a MOTU product or have any questions please contact sales.

Key Products

  • M2
  • M4
  • 1248
  • 16A
  • 25Ai
  • 24Ao
  • Monitor 8
  • 112D
  • Stage-B16
  • UltraLite AVB
  • UltraLite-mk4
  • 624
  • 8A
  • M64
  • 8D
  • LP32
  • 828es
  • 8pre-es
  • AVB Switch
  • 828x
  • Microbook IIc
  • 4pre
  • Audio Express
  • Digital Performer