MOGAMI 105 Strand Broadcast Microphone Cable (2791)

Ultra flexible microphone cable


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The 2791 is excellent for rugged remote and on stage use in sound reinforcement, TV and Radio broadcasting. Its compact size together with a heavy duty binder and filler system and a braided shield make it ideal for all continuous handling applications. The 2791 exhibits very low microphonic pick-up and can operate at very cold temperatures (down to -20°C) without losing its flexibility. The 105 strands of 0.05 mm O.D. annealed bare copper (#44AWG) used in the 2719 provide ultra flexibility with long flex life while maintaining excellent strength characteristics. Its overall diameter is  5.5mm. Available in black only.

• Broadcast microphone cable braided shield

• Very low microphonic pick

•  Resistant down  to -20°C

• 105 strands of. annealed bare copper (#44AWG)

• Overall diameter 5.5mm