MANLEY Mastering Variable Mu

Mastering tube limiter/compressor.


£5,030.00 Price excludes VAT

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The Mastering Version of the Variable Mu Limiter Compressor incorporates detented and logable steps built with one per cent metal film resistors on sealed gold-contact Grayhill switches.

The switches are as follows: Input: -4 to +4 in 2 dB steps; Output: -11 to 0 in 1/2 dB steps (24 detents); Threshold: -11 to +1 in 1/2 dB steps (24 detents); Attack: 11 positions and Release: 5 positions. A High Pass Side Chain is also featured, which adds two switches to the front panel, one for each channel, so that when engaged, the side chain will not respond to frequencies lower than 100Hz.

Its filter is a very gentle 6db per octave 1 pole filter, and will typically be down 1-3db at 100 Hz, and down 4-6db at 50Hz. It can also be modified to accommodate Surround Sound Linking on multiple units. Two RCA jacks are provided for daisy-chaining, with a Mid/Side mod upgrade (aka. Vertical/Lateral or Sum/Difference) available at an extra cost.