MANLEY Mastering SLAM!

Mastering tube limiter.


£7,520.00 Price excludes VAT

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The mastering version of SLAM! features a tube section that is paralleled for lower noise and less distortion. All pots are replaced with rotary switches for detented recallability and easier calibration. The mastering version also has a true hard-wire bypass function. One stereo true hardwire stereo BYPASS button is provided instead of separate L & R bypass buttons as found in the regular version.

The ELOP limiter on the Mastering Version has 5 ratios, which may put it into the compressor/ limiter category. The lower ratios may be better suited for complex mixes. The FET limiter has 5 selectable modes. It can also be calibrated/built in a digital option for +14dBu =DFS rather than +16 dBu.