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The MIX-32 is the central mixer for the Livemix personal monitoring system. The MIX-32 supplies mix streams as well as power to each of the connected personal mixers.

The MIX-32 will generally be placed near the personal mixers, likely in a rack near the stage. The MIX-32 receives input data over a network cable, either from the AD-24 (shielded) or a Dante network via the LM-DANTE-EXP Dante card.

Each port on the MIX-32 supports two discrete mixes for up to 32 total mixes. Connect a single CS-DUO or up to two CS-SOLOs to each port with standard network cable. Maximum combined CAT5e cable (shielded or unshielded) distance is 100 meters.


Key Features

24 Channel + 4 Accessory Channels

The MIX-16 receives 24 channels of audio from the AD-24 (for analogue sources) or the LM-DANTE-EXP option card (for digital sources from a Dante™ Network). This is more than enough to handle the needs of church, studio, and live event stages while still being simple to use with the intuitive mix interface.

24-bit Mixing

High quality audio processing means mixes come together quicker and easier. Clear separation of instruments with no smearing and accurate sound reproduction make Livemix the best sounding personal monitor mixer on the market. Digital Audio Labs’s decades of experience in digital audio give you the very best sounding mixes possible.

Expansion Port (Option Card)

With the built-in expansion port, you never have to worry about future compatibility. The audio world is always changing and Livemix will support those changes so you can be assured that your personal monitor system will provide many years of best-in-class functionality.

Output to Analogue for Transmitters

Each MIX-16 has an output port for connection to the optional Livemix DA-816 analog output unit. This lets you assign personal monitor mixes to one of 8 stereo outputs for easy wireless in-ear monitor integration.

Supports Up to 16 Personal Mixers

8 front panel ethernet ports provide power and mix capabilities to up to 16 personal monitor mixes. This can be through 8 dual mix CS-DUO units, 16 single mix CS-SOLOs or a combination


Optional Dante Card Available


The Livemix LM-DANTE-EXP2 is a user installable option card for the MIX-16 and MIX-32. This input option card is for connecting to your Dante digital network. Audinate’s Dante technology is a widely accepted and highly reliable standard for networked audio, especially in live and studio sound applications.

When using the Dante input option card (LM-DANTE-EXP2), the Livemix system integrates seamlessly into a Dante network. All the network subscriptions can be made using the touchscreen on the Livemix CS-SOLO or CS-DUO for quick and easy setup. Channels can be setup with a single “Import 1-24” button or each channel can be individually subscribed across multiple devices. Using the Import Names feature, channel names can be assigned to the Livemix channels.

Now AES67 Compatible.

Livemix AD-24

24 Channel Analogue Input Unit

If you have an analogue based system, the AD-24 Analogue Input Rack Unit takes your analogue signals and converts them to digital, for use in the Livemix system. It will most likely be installed near the analogue source. If this is your mixer’s Direct Outs or Inserts, then the AD-24 will be near the mixer. If you use a snake with mic preamps, it might be near the snake.

The AD-24 receives your input signal via TRS or DB-25. The inputs pass through, so you can send your audio to the AD-24 via DB-25, and back out through the TRS if required.

The front panel interface indicates input signal levels by LED and allows selection of -10 dBV or +4 dBu line level, which are in stereo pairs.


8 Channel Analogue Output for Wireless In-Ear Monitors

The DA-816 output rack unit is for connecting to wireless in-ear transmitters, powered monitors or powered house speakers. The DA-816 connects to the MIX-16 or MIX-32 via shielded CAT5e network cable. Each DA-816 provides eight stereo TRS outputs. The DA-816 provides stereo balanced outputs for 8 personal mixes. Flexible SoftRoute™ mix assignments and test tone capabilities, make for quick setup. Front panel LEDs indicate a personal mix is assigned to one or more of the outputs. When the Output ID feature is enabled and an output is selected, the front panel LED illuminates and a test tone is sent to the output.


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