GORGY TIMING Radio Timing 9S

Master clock


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The Gorgy Timing Radio Timing master clocks distribute identical time information to slave clocks in all areas of the same location, programmed electrical appliances and synchronised computer networks.?

The RT9s Master Clock serves as a Network Time Protocol (NTP) time server that synchronise the clocks of computers over an Ethernet network. The RT9s can be configured remotely via Ethernet and easily configured via WEB pages (IHM user friendly).

Synchronization inputs options:
Synchronization via:
• DCF (Europe).
• France Inter (Europe).
• GPS antenna without power supply up to 100m on a single  telephone pair (via a GPS/DCF converter).
• AFNOR NFS 87500 (IRIG B).
• NTP on Ethernet 10/100BaseT (RJ45 connector).

Synchronization outputs
• AFNOR NFS 87500/IRIG B 1000Hz Time code output.
• Millisecond accuracy.  (can drive up to 250 units of GORGY TIMING clocks.)
• NTP: Network Time Protocol RFC 1305. Millisecond accuracy. (can drive up to 500 units of Gorgy Timing clocks).

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