Twin headphone amplifier


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For many years our GSGH2 twin headphone amplifier has been the 1st choice for professional broadcasters. The GS-HA008 builds on the GSGH2s specification and features to offer a modern robust portable twin headphone amplifier to superceed the GSGH2.

The GS-HA008 is a very useful twin headphone amplifier. It has wwo independent input channels that can be routed separately to left ear, right ear, or both, across both headphone amplifiers. Each input channel has individual coarse gain controls and each headphone amplifier has seperate left/ right headphone volume controls.

For looping in large numbers, there is audio and power pass through. This makes the GS-HA008 suitable for audio monitoring in a dense environment such as an orchestra, where units can simply be looped together.



  • Two independent stereo headphone amps
  • Two balanced input feeds common for both amps
  • Each amp has adjustable level for left and right input channels
  • Each channel can be switched to the left ear, right ear or both
  • Balanced inputs have coarse gain controls on rear panel presets
  • Phase reverse switch
  • Unbalanced single XLR input mode
  • XLR audio loop through for daisy chaining multiple amlifiers
  • Headphone outputs on 6.35mm jack sockets
  • Battery powered 2 x PP3
  • Unit auto powers down when no headphones are inserted in the jacks
  • 18v DC power input
  • Loop through DC power
  • Lightweight robust aluminium construction