Compact 2 User Dante/ AES67 Commentary Unit


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The Express ip Mini is a compact simple to operate, 2 user network audio commentary box, that is ideal for both the occasional & the daily provider of commentary facilities.

The new Express ip MINI is SMALL!
In one of the pictures above it can be seen compared to the original Express ip

Two Four Wire Circuits
The Expressip Mini has two talkback circuits. Each commentator has their own talkback buttons. The push buttons for each circuit feature Config + and as such are configurable and can operate in different modes:
– Latching on/off
– Momentary push to talk (PTT)
– Intelligent mode where a short tap is latching, but a longer hold becomes momentary
– Always on and mutes when pressed (cough mode)

Pressing a talkback button removes the mic from the main output and directs it to the talkback output.

Headphone Monitoring
There are 4 inputs into the headphone mixer. Each commentator has individual pots to set their preferred mix of these sources. There is a 5th pot for adjusting the level of the commentators own voice (sidetone) and a 6th pot for adjusting the level of the other commentator’s voice in their headphones.

The front panel has 2 x 6.35mm jack sockets for connecting the commentators’ headphones.

Mic Inputs
Both mic inputs are on front panel 3 pin XLR connections. The input is switchable to add 48V phantom.

Each commentator has a mic on/off button that can also be configured to be always on, muting the input when held down (cough button).

Mic Gains
Two front panel rotary controls can be used for adjusting the microphone amplifiers input gain by +10/-20 dB. The lineup gain of the microphone amplifier automatically reduces by 10dB when the phantom power switch is turned on.

Compressor Limiter Circuits
Each microphone input has its own compressor/ limiter circuit to prevent audio overload by an excited commentator.

Network Audio Link
The Expressip MINI is Dante®/ AES67 network audio compatible. The network connection is via a single EtherCON RJ45. This link carries:
– 4 audio outputs
– Power over Ethernet (PoE)

The four audio outputs that go into the Dante network are:
– Talkback 1
– Talkback 2
– Mic 1
– Mic 2 or Mix

The 4th output ‘Mic 2 or Mix’,  can be selected via a rear panel switch to be the direct B mic, or a mix of both the A and B mics.

PPM Meter
There is a seven segment PPM meter that shows the mix output level as both dBu and BBC PPM 1 – 7 scale.

The Expressip MINI is powered by Power over Ethernet PoE and can be connected to a PoE enabled switches and midspan power sources.

  • Compact two person commentary
  • Small lightweight & rugged
  • Dante®/ AES67 network audio interface
  • Four external monitor inputs
  • Sidetone (own voice) monitor circuit
  • Other Commentator monitor circuit
  • Two common talkback circuits
  • Operation of talkback buttons configurable
  • Mic inputs with selectable 48v phantom power
  • Mic input gain controls
  • Compressor/ Limiter circuits on each mic input