Dante/ AES67 Audio Network 8 Analogue, 4 AES3 Input Rack


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The (Analogue & Digital Input) is a very powerful Dante®/ AES67 network audio interface, in a robust 1RU 19″ subrack It has a 8 of low noise analogue line inputs and 4 of transformer balanced AES3 digital audio inputs. These inputs are transmitted on a fully redundant Dante/ AES67 network interface.

In total 16 audio circuits are sent to the Dante/ AES67 network. Eight of these circuits are always derived from the 4 x AES3 inputs, the other eight are automatically switched between the AES3 and analogue inputs. If the DARK8ADI detects valid AES3 signal on a channel then this will be routed to the network output.  If no valid AES3 is detected then the analogue input will be routed to the network output instead of the AES3.

The rugged design, redundant mains powering & redundant network facility of the unit means that it can easily be placed and left unattended wherever audio sources are required.

Eight Analogue Audio Inputs
The DARK8ADI has 8 electronically balanced analogue line level audio inputs. Each input is on its own Neutrik 3 pin XLR socket.

Quality Analogue To Digital Converters
To get the best possible results from your analogue audio inputs, the very best widest range analogue to digital converters (ADCs) currently available are used to make sure the digital audio on your network is as good as it possibly can be.

Four AES3 Audio Inputs
The DARK8ADI has 4 transformer balanced digital AES3 audio inputs. Each input is on its own Neutrik 3 pin XLR socket. These inputs can accept sample rates up to 192kHz.

Analogue/ AES3 Auto Switching
Eight of the audio outputs are derived from both the 4 x AES3 inputs and the 8 analogue inputs, whereby the AES3 inputs take priority to the analogue circuits. Our input circuitry looks for valid AES3 data streams on the AES3 inputs.  If one is detected then the pair of audio outputs (AES3 is two audio channels) associated with that circuit will be routed to the Dante/ AES67 output and if no valid AES3 signal is detected then the analogue input will be routed to that output.

AES3 Network Outputs
As well as the switched outputs, the outputs of the 4 x AES3 input circuits are always routed to 8 audio channels of the AoIP network.

Sample Rate Converters
The AES3 audio inputs are fed through sample rate converters so that they match the AoIP networks sample frequency. The AoIP network supports up to 192kHz sampling and the AES3 inputs can be between 32 & 192kHz.

Network Interface
There are 4 network interfaces on the DARK8ADI. There are 2 x Neutrik Ethercon (RJ45) connectors and there are also 2 x SFP slots for customers to fit their own preferred fibre interfaces.

Redundant Network Interface
When using the Dante protocol it is possible to set the DARK8ADI to have a fully redundant network interface whereby a completely glitch free automatic redundant audio network link is provided across 2 of the network interfaces.

Each DARK8ADI can be powered from two independent sources to provide a multi-redundant power option.
Two wide range switch mode power supplies are fitted as standard to provide redundant mains power supplies.

Alarms & LEDs
The front panel features two LEDs (one indicating OK and the other fault) for both power supplies and both network ports. This data OK/ Fault information is also provided on solid state relay outputs on front panel D connectors.

Features Include

  • 8 Line level analogue inputs
  • 4 AES3 inputs
  • Auto switching outputs between AES & analogue
  • 16 audio circuits sent to network
  • Redundant network connections
  • Redundant power supplies
  • Network & Power status GPOs
  • Dante® and AES67 compliant



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