Dante/ AES67 Network Audio Phono Turntable Preamplifier


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Athens 2 is twin RIAA phono preamplifier with Dante® and AES67 network audio outputs.

It is a mains powered device with two high quality stereo turntable preamplifiers inputs. Each preamplifier has its own set of preset controls to allow accurate matching of the Athens 2 input circuitry to the turntable’s cartridge. Input gain, input impedance and input capacitance can all be set for each of the two stereo inputs.The Athens 2 is suitable for use with both moving coil and moving magnet cartridges.

To provide the best possible equalisation of the RIAA curve the preamps feature high quality high tolerance analogue circuitry followed by a high quality analogue to digital converter and DSP. The combination of the analogue circuitry and DSP provides a very good quality RIAA equalisation resulting in a very flat output.

Features Include

Dante® & AES67 Outputs
The network audio output circuits feature both Dante® and AES67. Internally Audinate’s Brooklyn module is fitted providing AES67 compatibility alongside it’s native Dante®

Twin Phono Preamplifiers
Two completely independent stereo phono preamplifiers are provided, each with their own network audio outputs. These high performance low noise amplifiers are suitable for use with either moving magnet or moving coil cartridges.

RIAA Equalisation
A very important aspect of any phono preamplifier is its ability to provide accurate RIAA compensation. The Athens 2 provides best in class performance in this respect by harmonising the power of high tolerance components in the initial analogue input circuits followed by a large dynamic range analogue digital converter (ADC) and then further improvements are provided to the RIAA compensation by a digital signal processor (DSP).

Dip Switch Setup Controls
Each of the two stereo audio inputs have their own associated input controls. These controls are on ‘Dip Switches’ and are meant as set and forget controls not used on a daily basis. As such the dip switches are mounted behind an anti tamper window to prevent unwanted fiddling by non-engineering users.
To aid setup of these dip switches the Athens 2 features a printed LID providing an overview of the dip switch settings.

Gain Settings
An input gain range of 60 to 40dB in 5dB steps is provided. This provides suitable input gains for Moving Coil and Moving Magnet cartridges.

Impedance Settings
The dip switches provide 15 different input impedance settings to allow the Athens 2 to accurately match the requirements of your cartridge.

Capacitance Settings
If you’re using a Moving Magnet cartridge then as well as providing correct gain & impedance a phono preamplifier must also offer the correct load capacitance for the cartridge. The Athens 2 provides 15 different capacitance settings.

Two stereo 4 LED Peak Programme Meters (PPMs) are fitted to enable a user to have confidence that the correct output levels have been set and that everything is working OK.

Athens 2 has a low noise filtered internal mains supply. It has an industry standard IEC plug for its input and accepts a wide voltage range making it suitable for use Worldwide. An internal fuse provides an added layer of protection.

An all aluminium construction is used for added strength and low weight. Front, rear & side panels are manufactured from our own bespoke extrusion, and the unit is black anodised. Side extrusions feature fixing holes to enable the unit to be permanently screwed or fixed down are provided. Graffity is laser etched onto the panels to provide extra long life.


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