Four Analogue Audio Inputs to Dante / AES67


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The Glensound AoIP4I is packaged in a small & rugged format and designed for outside broadcast, theatre and location applications.

Both the AoIP4O and AoIP4I units are designed to easily and quickly interface existing analogue equipment to a Dante / AES67 network audio system. Being powered by PoE means that only one cable needs to be connected to the network to carry both audio and power, providing flexibility and saving time on installation.

AoIP4I provides 4 balanced analogue audio inputs to a Dante®/AES67 audio network.

Robust proven construction techniques, simple reliable interface and excellent specification will help make your technician’s life hassle free, whilst the low cost and long asset life will keep the accountant satisfied.

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PoE Powering

For ease of setup only 1 single cable is needed to transport both power and audio to the AoIP units. The network cable carrying audio can also power the device using standard Power Over Ethernet (PoE) technology when connected to a suitable network switch or to a mid span PoE injector.

External DC Power Input

An industry standard barrel connector is used for powering the AoIP units from an external 12V DC power source.

Redundant Power

If both PoE and DC power sources are connected then power supply redundancy is automatically enabled, meaning that either one of the power sources can be lost and the AoIP unit will continue working.

Power on Led

A bright blue rear panel LED indicates that the device is turned on.

Optional Belt Clip

An optional removable beltclip can be fitted to one side of the AoIP4. Although unlikely to be used to fasten the unit to a belt, it is flexible enough to be used to fix the unit in lots of different places.

Rubber Feet

The AoIP units are supplied with stick on rubber feet so if the AoIP4 is to be sat on a desk or the back of a workbench, then the rubber feet are fitted to stop it sliding around.

Fixing Holes

All four front corners of the AoIP4 feature large extremely strong holes that are ideal for threading cable ties through. Alternatively for a permanent fixing solution, screws can be used instead.

Neutrik XLRs

For audio integrity and reliability we only use high quality gold plated Neutrik XLRs.

Fully Protected Electronically Balanced Circuits

Not all electronically balanced audio circuits offer the same performance and reliability. With many years of specific broadcast audio experience, we’ve designed exceptionally robust and noise free circuits that have been proven to be best in class time and time again.

Belt Clip

Can be purchased with or without a belt clip.