Audio retriver for iDevices, PC and DSLR cameras


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The AR101 is a compact and lightweight audio interface designed for use with iDevices, DSLR cameras and PCs. 
Featuring a stereo Mic/Line I/Os and a Headphone Out, the AR101 improves the audio quality of iOS devices using the supplied USB-30Pin dock cable. Apple’s genuine Lightning-30pin adapter is required (not included). The AR101 is also compatible as an audio interface for PC by connecting with an off-the-shelf mini USB – USB A Type cable. 

The AR101 also offers a rotary encoder and an LED level meter for easy setting of various parameters including Input level of each channel, PAN, Headphone Out etc. Both Input 1 and 2 are stereo Line/Mic, which results in a maximum of 4 channels that can be fed into the recorder. 

The chassis of the AR101 has a shoe rail on which various Camera rigs can be mounted, and it comes with a device holder that can be used either in landscape (horizontally) or portrait (vertically).
The AR101 is powered by the connected iOS device via USB, so additional battery power is required.  The AR101 package features two Plug-in power condenser microphones, in addition to a pair of inner-earphones. 
Operation confirmed products:

iOS: iPhone 4S / iPhone 4 / iPod touch (4G) / iPad (3G) / iPad 2 / iPhone 5* / iPod touch (5G.  PC: Windows XP or later / MacOS X10.6 or later. A dedicated AR101 APP can be downloaded from the  iTunes Store to control Pan, Low Cut, Limiter, Output Level.


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