Dual-channel de-esser.


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The MX50 offers 2 channels of high quality de-essing for recording, broadcasting and live sound. It features a variable frequency control, from 800Hz to 8kHz, and a variable de-ess control, offering up to 20dB gain reduction at the selected frequency. As well as reducing sibilant vocal sounds, the MX50 can be used to smooth a mix or to remove unwanted instrumental sounds, such as guitar fret noise or breath noise on wind instruments.

• Balanced XLR and unbalanced 1/4″ jack analogue I/O

• Split-band or full-band de-essing

• Floating threshold system adapts to input signal level and dynamics

• Bypass for each channel

• Status LEDs

• 9-segment LED bargraph

• Stereo link

• 1U rack-mountable


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