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MADI.MONI is a compact, handheld MADI tester with comprehensive monitoring capabilities.
Designed for engineers in the field, the device offers a straightforward, uncluttered interface to confirm the integrity of the physical link, the format and settings of the MADI transmission as well as the audio signal itself.
Battery powered and equipped with a 3.5mm headphone jack, MADI.MONI is an essential tool for engineers and technicians working on MADI-based systems such as OB vans, touring PA setups, concert halls and many more.

Four push buttons are all that is required to operate MADI.MONI:

  • VOL/CH toggles between volume level and channel selection
  • MENU opens the device settings
  • The two SET buttons increase/decrease channel selection or volume control or alter a device setting
  • The VOL/CH/MENU LEDs indicate the parameter selection. The alphanumeric display monitors the value of the selected parameter.

Finally, there are 12 LEDs pertaining to format (sample rate, frame mode, channel format) and signal quality (amplitude, jitter) that use a “traffic light” system (red/yellow/green) to offer a constant, at-a-glance overview of the state of the MADI signal. Even the optical level can be measured with supported SFP modules.

The brightness of the user interface is adjustable to ensure a readable display on outside jobs on sunny days as well as in dimly lit theater backstages.

A mono or stereo channel (pair) can be selected from the active MADI input to monitor the audio signal via the built-in headphone jack. MADI.MONI supports all sample rates from 32 up to 192 kHz with S/MUX and 96k frame format.

MADI.MONI provides a coaxial BNC and a SFP MADI port. The latter can be equipped with a variety of SFP modules depending on the application. The MADI outputs are independently configurable and can pass through either input. A USB port allows for battery charging and firmware updates.


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