Digital mixing console.


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The SD9B is a complete, integrated system powered by Stealth Digital Processing, which includes the mixing surface, a D-Rack digital stage interface and CAT-5E digital multicore.

The SD9B features a 12×8 matrix in addition to 8 CG/VCA, 8 FX, 16 x 32 band graphic eq’s, 8 dynamic EQ, 8 multiband compressors and 8 tube emulation options and dual power supplies. Local I/O includes 8x Mic/Line inputs, 8x Line outputs and 4x AES I/O mono stream. A Stage D-Rack is provided with CAT-5 connectivity. The SD9B also offers the ability to simultaneously record 56 channels direct to multitrack software or DAW.

The SD9B has been upgraded to include expanded Channel count, Dynamic EQs, Multiband Compressors and Matrix, and the addition of DiGiTuBes, Reorder of Busses and Multichannel inputs (formerly only available on SD7). Further new features include an expanded Aux Panel, increased Dynamic functions such as a Duck option and expander for the Gate, a De-esser and two types of Knee for the Compressor, and many more.

24 faders

48 mono or stereo input channels, 16 mono or stereo  output busses

2 mono or stereo solo busses, 1 stereo or LCR master buss

12×8 matrix 8x Mic/Line inputs

 8x Line outputs, 4x AES I/O mono stream

  1 x Stage D-Rack: 1x CAT5 I/O, 2 PSU – 32 mic/line in / 8 line out

For more information on the SD10/B download the DiGiCo Console Comparsion Chart above.


Datasheet (153.06 KB)