Digital mixing console.


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The DiGiCo SD7B has been enhanced with a broadcast specific feature set that increases its routing capacity and processing ability, with three 15-inch TFT LCD touch screens, each of which sits above a bank of 12 faders. Its work surface provides control of up to 996 simultaneous optical plus 224 MADI, 24 analogue and AES/EBU connections, along with 128 busses (each with full processing in mono, stereo, LCR or 5.1), 32 matrix busses and 32, 32-band graphic equalisers.

Two new-generation Tiger SHARC chips provide a choice of high-quality reverbs and effects, with the option to specify an integral Waves Soundgrid, with its own dedicated processing engine, for access to ultra low-latency broadcast-specific plug-ins. Two complete redundant, hot-swappable processing engines are fitted within the console as standard.

Up to 256 Processing Channels are available, in any combination of Input Channels, Auxes, Group and Solo Busses, plus mix minus busses, along with up to 128 Auxilliary / Group busses with full processing, each of which can be selected as mono, stereo, LCR or 5.1. Complementing these are 36 Control Groups (VCA style). Backstop PFL is available on every channel. Features such as built-in MADI (standard for all consoles), Mix-minus output per channel, with unique features such as input ‘Flexi’ channel and multichannel inputs make DiGiCo’s broadcast mixers a cost effective solution with enough busses to cope with the most demanding broadcast applications.

Up to 256 Dynamic EQ processors are available on any input or output whether mono, stereo, LCRS or 5.1, as are 256 Multi Band Compressors, also available on any input or output whether mono, stereo, LCRS or 5.1. It also provides 48 simultaneous internal Stealth digital effects.Additional feature include built-in VNL video monitoring, IDM (interactive dynamic metering) and full dynamic equalisation on any single path simultaneously

The addition of the EX-007 Expander Units takes the active physical fader count to 100 without any need to access input channel banks.

For more information on the SD10/B download the DiGiCo Console Comparsion Chart above.


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