CEDAR Studio Complete

advanced plug-in suite


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Containing all eleven processes from CEDAR Studio DNS™, CEDAR Studio Restore™ and CEDAR Studio Retouch™, CEDAR Studio Complete is the most advanced plug-in suite available for noise suppression and audio restoration. It will eliminate your impulsive noise problems – clicks, crackle, and thumps – remove background noise, reduce hiss, and eliminate hums, buzzes, and clipping distortion. It will also allow you to remove individual sounds, correct wrong notes, and much, much more. Finally, to prepare your track for its intended purpose, its unique Adaptive Limiter is ideal for mastering and maximising.

When the audio really matters, audio engineers rely upon CEDAR Studio Complete.

CEDAR Studio 9 includes an update to Retouch


Applying machine learning to identify problems…

The new Match facility allows you to mark an offending sound and then ask Retouch to find all of the other instances of this within the recording. A threshold control even allows you to bias its decision making toward including more or fewer possibilities so that you can find the level that includes everything that you want to remove but precludes events that seem similar but are actually wanted signal.

Having identified the matches, you can then eliminate them, either individually or as a group, whereupon Retouch will fly through the whole file in a tiny fraction of the time needed with human intervention. The increase in productivity is absolutely remarkable.


Putting the AI into Spectral Repair…

Repair uses a very clever bit of artificial intelligence to repair areas of signal that can’t be corrected using traditional spectral editing. Just mark the offending sound and some of the surrounding signal in the usual fashion and then suppress it or even completely eliminate it. Unlike other spectral editing tools, only the significant signal within the region is identified and processed; all low level signals as well as the ambience are left unaffected.

Alternatively, if you have a clip in which there’s something – for example, a quiet word or some other understated sound – that you would like to bring to the foreground, you can use Repair to amplify this while leaving the rest of the signal unaffected.

It’s hard to put into words just how innovative and powerful Retouch is. But once you’ve used it, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.


CEDAR Studio 9 for Mac (released 2020) is compatible with OS X 10.13 and later versions including OS 11.

CEDAR Studio 8 (released 2018) is compatible with OS X 10.9 – 10.12 and Windows 7 – 10.