Dialogue noise suppressor


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CEDAR DNS 2 is designed specifically for portability and extreme simplicity of use.

The two-channel CEDAR DNS 2 hosts a DNS algorithm that requires nothing more than switching on the Learn function that identifies and adapts to the background noise, and dialling in the amount of noise attenuation required. Retaining the near-zero latency of all its predecessors, CEDAR DNS 2 is suitable for use in all situations.

CEDAR DNS 2 offers analogue line and microphone inputs (the latter with optional 48V phantom powering), an AES3/AES11 digital input and both analogue and digital outputs.

Key features of CEDAR DNS 2 DNS 2

12V power

Floating point processor, 2.4 GFLOP/s, 40-bit resolution
AD/DA conversion
24-bit resolution
Sample rate (internal sync.) 48kHz
Sample rate (external sync.) 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 96kHz
Balanced analog line inputs and outputs
Nominal level: +4dBu with 20dB headroom
Gain range: -6dB to +54dB
Dynamic range: > 102dB
Ultra low-noise microphone preamplifiers
Gain range: +18dB – +78dB
Dynamic range: >102dB (at 36dB gain)
8VDC to 17.5VDC (nominal 12V)
Power consumption: 4W typical, 6W maximum
Mains operation (85VAC – 250VAC) via supplied adapter
Dimensions: 164mm x 110mm x 44mm
Weight: <500g