12G/3G-SDI to fibre, fibre to 12G/3G-SDI or fibre to fibre conversions


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Repeat48 offers electrical to optical, optical to electrical or optical to optical conversion. It features up to 12 dual modules, which can be specified as electrical to optical, optical to electrical, SFP to SFP converter from the selection specified in Oreding Options. Each channel can be connected to another location with single fibre.

NEW Repeat48-2Fibre module equipped with two SFP cages can be used to convert from multimode to singlemode fibre or to/from any CWDM or DWDM transceiver.

All BroaMan products comply with SMPTE standards, therefore can be used with 3rd party equipment.

Repeat48 can be used in a point to point pair with up to 24 fibres in between. It also connects with a Route66 device to offer additional I/O. Repeat48 might be a central standalone converter with smaller REPEAT8-NANO converters on the remote ends.


  • up to 24 x media converter
  • up to 12 x dual modules, each converts 12G/3G-SDI to fibre or fibre to 12G/3G-SDI
  • up to 6 x dual SFP modules, each converts fibre to fibre, SFP to SFP
  • Optional dual redundant PSU
  • 1RU chassis

Video ports

  • Standards SD, ED, HD, Dual Link, 3G, 12G, ASI, MADI
  • Complies with SMPTE 259M, 292M, 344M, 372M, 424M,
  • Interface SDI – Serial Digital Interface

Optical Connection – Complies with 21 CFR 1040.10 and 1040.11

  • Connection LC
  • Data rate Dependent on the Video data rate – no bandwidth restriction
  • Fibre cable lengths Standard singlemode transceiver ≤ 10 km
  • Special singlemode transceiver ≤ 80 km (on request)

Power Supply

  • Type Switch-mode, universal input
  • Mains voltage 100? 240 V 50 60 Hz
  • Frequency 50 60 Hz
  • Cooling Passive, via surface and ventilation openings on both sides of the device

Dimensions – 1 RU / 19″

  • W x H x D 19.0 x 1.73 x 7.87 inch
  • Weight Dependent on configuration