Headset with dynamic microphone for broadcast and intercom (closed)


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The headset DT 109 is ideal for use in radio, television, reports, cameras, sound and light mixing consoles and intercom systems. The soft, circumaural ear cushions offer high wearing comfort and excellent isolation from external noise. The padded headband and microphone boom can be individually adjusted.

This headset is also available as a DT108 one-ear version.

or many years, the DT 109 has been the standard headphone/microphone combination for live, remote broadcasting, studio, film, TV and language laboratory application. Rugged, field-serviceable construction. The headphone transducers feature extended frequency response. Adjustable, noise-cancelling microphone provides clear, audible speech transmission.

Key Features

Highly sensitive headphone and microphone transducers
Excellent ambient noise attenuation
Capable of handling very high SPL
Rugged construction
Excellent comfort for long-term wearing
Modular construction for easy servicing

Cable Options

K 109.00 Bare-ended straight cable, 1.5 m long (Order # 101.907)
K 109.00 Bare-ended straight cable, 3 m long (Order # 127.949)
K 109.28 Straight cable with 4-pin XLR-socket, 3 m long (Order # 220.132)
K 109.38 Straight cable with 5-pin XLR-plug, 1.5 m long (Order # 406.538)
K 109.40 Straight cable with 3-pin XLR-plug and 1/4″ jack (6.35 mm), 1.5 m long (Order # 449.121)
K 109.42 Straight cable with 4-pin XLR-plug, 1.5 m long (Order # 446.548)
WK 109.00 Bare-ended coiled cable, 3 m long (Order # 198.900)


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