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Pro Tools Studio is the core of a complete music production system, providing the creative canvas to produce larger, more compelling music. Get the advanced features professionals need to take projects further, including double the audio track count of the previous Pro Tools software, plus surround and immersive audio mixing capabilities. Bring ideas to life with powerful real-time MIDI tools and a massive collection of instruments, effects, and sounds. Capture performances in pristine 32-bit audio for high dynamic range recording. And mix stereo and spatial audio projects with fully automated ease. When you need to sound your best, nothing delivers like Pro Tools.

Key Features

  • Create, record, edit, mix, and master GRAMMY-level productions quickly using powerful yet easy-to-use tools designed for professional music creators
  • Capture performances with incredible depth, dimension, and dynamic range with the 32-bit audio engine delivering unrivaled sound quality
  • Get the sound you want with authentic emulations of classic outboard processors, coveted musical instruments, analog consoles, and the world’s greatest guitar amps
  • Surround yourself in sound with immersive audio mixing capabilities to create Dolby Atmos music and work with Ambisonics
  • Elevate your recording and mixing experience with tightly integrated audio interfaces and surfaces that offer DSP acceleration for near-zero latency and unmatched hands-on control

    Comparison Chart

    Product Pro Tools Artist Pro Tools Stuido Pro Tools Ultimate
    Audio Tracks 32 512 2048
    Aux Tracks 32 128 1024
    Instrument Tracks 32 512 512
    Midi Tracks 64 1024 1024
    Video Tracks 0 1 64
    Routing Folders 0 1 64
    Native I/O 16 64 256
    Support Standard Standard Expert Plus
    Hardware Supported Native Only Native. Carbon, S6L Native, Carbon, S6L, HDX, HD Native
    Digilink License Yes
    Surround/Atmos/ Ambisonics Mixing Stereo Only Yes Yes
    Clip FX Clip FX Preview Only Clip FX Editing Clip FX Editing
    Bounce mix Multistem Yes Yes
    AAF/OMF Import/Export Yes Yes
    Included Plugins Artist Bundle (100+) Complete Bundle Complete Bundle
    Heat Yes Yes
    Groovecell/Synthcell Virtual Instrumnts Yes Yes Yes
    Inner Circle Reqards Annual Subscription Only Annual Subscription Only Annual Subscription Only