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Avid NEXIS is a shared storage platform that is designed to optimise audio workflows in post-production, dubbing, and sound studios. It allows for collaboration between audio teams by providing easy access to audio clips, session files, video sequences, and other media. With Avid NEXIS, audio professionals can centralize and collaborate on Pro Tools sessions, stems, audio files, and finished mixes. It supports large-scale audio configurations with thousands of audio channels and multiple Pro Tools clients, making it the preferred storage platform for all Pro Tools audio workflows. Avid NEXIS enhances the overall audio workflow experience and enables efficient collaboration between audio and video teams.


Key Features

Avid NEXIS for Audio Workflows offers a comprehensive solution that has been proven for superlative picture and sound workflows. Customers will benefit from Avid Media Composer and Pro Tools interoperability as the ultimate combination of video and audio creative tools .

Avid NEXIS for Audio Workflows offers a single, unified pool of shared storage for all video and audio creative teams.​

  • Benefit from the power and flexibility of the industry’s most proven shared storage solution
  • Facilitate and accelerate collaboration between audio and video teams with easy access to audio clips, session files, video sequences, and other media
  • Enable everyone across your video, audio, design, social media teams to simultaneously connect, find the assets they need, and collaborate more effectively
  • Increase performance, scalability and real-time media delivery to track and mix the largest audio sessions, including for Dolby Atmos
  • Access your company’s entire music and sound library from anywhere to accelerate sound design workflows and capitalize on remixing, reissue, and music licensing opportunities
  • Safeguard sessions and audio files with flexible disk protection, automatic drive rebuild, media mirroring, high availability, dynamic storage allocation with Avid NEXIS FlexDrive, and more
  • Meet deadlines and deliver content faster
  • Lower manhours/labor costs​
  • Reduce operating costs​
  • Simplify ownership, administration and maintenance
  • Appropriate for both on-premises and cloud systems
  • Supports up to 330 Pro Tools clients
    • Avid NEXIS PRO and PRO+ with embedded SD (System Director) supports 24 active clients
    • Avid NEXIS E-series and F-series with embedded SD supports 40 active clients
    • Avid NEXIS E-series and F-series with SDA/SDA+ (System Director Appliance) supports 165 or 330 active clients (Standard or Advanced licenses)
  • Customers can easily add on Avid NEXIS | F2 SSD engine to existing systems​
    • Meets customer requirements for demanding workflows with high channel counts​
    • Media can be moved between tiers for optimized use of storage resources, supporting changing project needs ​

What’s Included  Hardware Engine Purchases

Avid NEXIS | F2, F2X, F5, F5 NL, or PRO+ storage engine
Avid NEXIS | VFS file system software
One or more Media Packs
Power cord
One-year Avid Advantage ExpertPlus support with hardware coverage
Free Avid Education online training for NEXIS



Avid NEXIS has a wide range of different products, each set to meet the specific needs of different customers. To find out which offering is best for you contact our sales team today.




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