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The Audient iD14 is a desktop USB audio interface that delivers extremely high-quality audio with console style monitor control, with high end features that include world-class Audient console mic pres, class-leading Burr Brown converter technology and a JFET D.I input.

Two Class-A mic pres are complemented by a FET D.I input that was designed to replicate the input stage of a classic valve amplifier and lets you plug your guitar, bass, keyboard or drum machine straight in and start recording instantly. ??The iD14’s mixer app software adds low latency cue mixes and extremely flexible monitor control, while the ScrollControl virtual scroll wheel allows you to adjust DAW hosts, plug-in parameters, the mixer app and even scroll through your iTunes library.

When the virtual scroll wheel is not in use, the iD button can be assigned to control iD14’s monitoring features.  Functions such as DIM, CUT, Polarity Reverse, Mono Sum, Talkback and Cue Mix monitoring can all be assigned to the iD button.

The iD14 can be expanded via the optical input connector, which supports ADAT or S/PDIF. This enables you to expand the system up to ten inputs via an eight-channel mic pre, such as the ASP880.

Key features:

• 2 x Class-A Audient Console Mic Preamplifiers
• High Performance Burr Brown AD/DA Converters
• 1 x Discrete JFET Instrument Input
• Main Speaker Output
• Independent Class-AB Headphone Output
• Full Monitor Control Functionality (software controlled)
• ADAT Input for Expandability
• Low Latency DSP Mixer
• iD ScrollControl Mode
• All-Metal Enclosure
• USB2.0 Bus Powered
• 24bit/96khz

Watch the Pro Tools Expert ‘Unboxing The Audient iD14 UBS Interface’ video here.