ARGOSY Spire 360i

Speaker stand.


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IsoAcoustic-enhanced Spire Speaker Stands provide an attractive and stable solution for studio monitor isolation. Two models are offered in the line, the 42-inch high Spire 420i and the 36-inch high Spire 360i.

The Spire Stands, which are comprised of 5/4-inch powder-coated substrate for stability and resilience, feature a modern design with die-cut side panels and bevelled edges to enhance the high-tech feel of the studio environment. These stands are the first to feature integrated IsoAcoustics-patented technology, designed to keep all movement on-axis to move in the direction of the speaker cones’ travel, while resisting movement in other directions. The result is tighter low end and improved stereo imaging. Dimensions of both Spire Stands are 18 x 18-inches at the Base and 7 ¾ x 9 7/8-inches at the top.