HDMI® connectors, single-head digital video, audio, and USB2.0 over 1GbE IP network.


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The ADDERLink® INFINITY 1104 is a high performance IP KVM extender that forms part of the ADDERLink INFINITY Range. This enables the relocation of critical computing hardware into a secure and temperature controlled environment away from the user work station; while maintaining a pixel-perfect desktop experience.

Perfect Digital Video, Real-Time Control
Using a spatially-lossless encoding system, with 1:1 pixel mapping, the ADDERLink INFINITY 1104 (ALIF1104) provides pixel-perfect and color accurate video with no artifacts. The digital video received is the same as the digital video leaving the remote computer.

Standard IP Technology
Using standard IP technology allows a choice of CATx or fiber connections. Resilience is offered by the optional second network port which provides teaming facility for load balanced and critical systems.

Unlimited Extension Distances
Extension distance is not limited to a single 100 meter cable length. If you need to extend further, simply add a 1GbE network device to achieve an additional 100 meters, which can be repeated many times. Also fitted with SFP cages to accept fiber optic transceivers for much greater distances.

USB 2.0 with Class Control
Supports USB devices including graphics tablets, jog shuttles, joysticks and 3D explorers, alongside mass storage devices. For secure applications, the system can disable the use of non-HID devices, meaning there is no need to physically block USB ports to prevent the use of mass storage devices.

Flexible and Scalable Extender or Switch
Each ALIF1100 model can be configured as a simple extender or self-managed distributed KVM switch. Each receiver can see up to 16 sources and rapidly switch between them.

With the addition of the ADDERLink® INFINITY Management (AIM) system, you can turn multiple point-to-point extenders into a scalable digital KVM matrix system that allows any workstation to link with any computer connected to the network.

EDID Management
Intelligent EDID management allows the true characteristics of the monitor to be passed back to the computer. This ensures perfect video display without additional configuration.

Plug and Play
ADDERLink INFINITY devices are delivered in a zero config state so you can plug them in and start working on them straight away. There is no need for drivers or software to be installed.

Redundant Network Operation
The units support network teaming allowing for full network redundancy and increased resilience for mission critical applications.

Digital Audio
The ALIF1100 models supports two channel digital audio input via USB and the digital video connector.

Touch Screen Support
Touch screen support including onscreen keyboard and floating launch button with configurable size which can be positioned anywhere on the screen.

Support for Dithered Video
Allows analog or noisy video to pass through the system along with computer that dither the video to enhance the perceptive image quality. Some Mac computers use this technique.

Technical Specifications

  • Transmitter (ALIF1104T) Specification
  • Video Information (For 1 Screen)
    • Maximum Resolution 2560 x1600
    • Frame Rate 60
    • Colour Depth 8 bpc
  • Computer Connections
    • USB B 1× 2.0 True Emulation, High Speed
    • USB A 1× 2.0 True Emulation
    • HDMI® 1
  • Link Ports
    • 8p8c (RJ45) 1×
    • SFP 1×
  • Serial Ports
    • Serial Standard RS232
    • Maximum Baud Rate 115,200
    • Serial Additional Information RS232 or other serial standards can be passed between the units to a maximum baud  rate of 115,200 by using serial to USB converters
  • Audio Connections
    • Audio Type Analog/Digital
    • Channels 2
    • Audio In Ports 1× 3.5mm jack
    • Audio Direction Bi-directional
  • Size (bit) 16
  • Speed (kHz) 48
  • Additional Information Analog audio and audio via digital video connector is uni-directional. USB audio is bi-
    • directional
  • Network Support
    • Bandwidth 1GbE
    • 10/100 Support No
  • Environmental
    • Operating Temperature 0 – 40 °C / 32 – 104 °F
    • Storage Temperature 0 – 40 °C / 32 – 104 °F
    • Operating Humidity (%) 5% – 90% (non-condensing)
    • Storage Humidity (%) -10% – 90% (non-condensing)
    • Altitude 2000m / 6561.68ft
    • Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) 300,000 h
    • MTBF Standard Telcordia SR332 Issue 4 March 2016 Calculated @ 55C
    • Temperature Regulation Fanless
  • Power Source
    • 12V 3-pin 1×
    • Input Power Supply External Power Supply Unit (see manual)
  • Power Consumption
    • Maximum Power (Watts) 18
    • Typical Power (Watts) 7
  • Physical Design
    • Construction Material Robust metal construction
    • U size 1
    • Width 136mm / 5.35in
    • Height 39mm / 1.54in
    • Depth 150mm / 5.91in
    • Weight 0.8kg / 1.76lb
  • Compatibility
    • OS Compatibility All known operating systems
    • System Requirements Does not support HDCP or CEC control
  • Approvals and Standards
    • Approvals CE, cULus – E476334, FCC, ICES, RCM, UKCA
    • Standards ANSI 63.4, EN/IEC 62368-1, EN55032 /CISPR 32, EN55035/CISPR 35, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3,
    • EN63000, FCC pt15B, ICES003
    • Other Cal Prop 65, China ROHS, EU REACH, UK REACH
  • Ordering Information
    • Code Description
    • ALIF1104T-XX ALIF1104 Transmitter
  • What’s in the Box?
    • 1× ALIF1104 Transmitter
    • 1× PSU-IEC-12VDC-1.5A: Mains power supply
    • 1× IEC PSU cable of country code
    • 1× VSCD15: 2m/6.5ft HDMI cable
    • 1× VSC24: 2m/6.5ft USB cable
    • 1× VSC22: 2m/6.5ft Audio cable


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