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Loudness Control

The DPP made a significant announcement by introducing EBU R128 loudness for TV broadcast in the UK during IBC 2013. Neil Hatton explains.
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Control of Loudness in Digital TV

To facilitate better consistency between programs and stations, ITU, EBU and ARIB have investigated the standardization of broadcast loudness. This paper examines some consequences of a global loudness standard with regard to metering and control at the Ingest, Production and Transmission stages.

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True Peak Measurement

As a supplement to the ITU recommendation for measurement of loudness and true-peak level [1], [2], a set of test signals for testing the conformance of the true peak measurements to the recommendations has been proposed [3].

This paper describes an extension of that set of test signals with some which exercise the very high levels normally causing overload when signals are converted. Furthermore, arguments for leaving out the optional DC-filter and pre-emphasis are given.

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Loudness introduction

Thomas Lund discusses the basics of level control in digital audio.
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Loudness Broadcast Standards

A complete overview of broadcast standards for Loudness.
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Loudness Glossary

A professionals guide to audio terms relating to loudness.
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