Meters and Monitoring - Audio Metering


DriveRack 260
Loudspeaker Management System
RRP £860.00 ex VAT


TMR7 Smart
Audio and loudness metering with touchscreen control
RRP £2248.00 ex VAT
SurroundMonitor 11900
Surround monitor with dolby decoder and SDI HD/SD de-embedder
RRP £9705.00 ex VAT
SurroundControl 31900
Monitoring controller with Dolby decoder.
RRP £12000.00 ex VAT


Reference monitor meter.
RRP £1164.95 ex VAT
Reference monitor meter
RRP £Call ex VAT


AES Input (AMP2-16V-M)
8 pair (16-channel) AES Audio Input Module.
RRP £560.00 ex VAT
AES Output (AMP2-16V-M)
8 pair (16-channel) AES Audio Output Module.
RRP £560.00 ex VAT
16 Channel 3G/HD/SD-SDI Dual Input Audio/Video Module With 8 De-Muxed AES Output Pairs From SDI.
RRP £720.00 ex VAT
Dante AoIP Input (AMP2-16V-M)
Danteª or AES67 Input module with RJ-45 connector.
RRP £720.00 ex VAT
3G/HD/SD-SDI, AES3, Analog Audio Monitor with 2 Channel Metering. 1RU.
RRP £1460.00 ex VAT
8 Channel, Dual Input 3G/HD/SD-SDI Audio Monitor. 1RU.
RRP £1700.00 ex VAT
Versatile Audio Monitoring from multiple sources with touch screen control and graphical metering. Includes OPT-ANLG only. 1RU.
RRP £4680.00 ex VAT
Dual 10.0″ Widescreen LCD Video Monitor, Dual Input 3G/HD/SD-SDI, Composite. Audio/Video Metering. 4RU.
RRP £3310.00 ex VAT

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