Scrub upgrades London’s leading audio post facilities to iZotope RX 4

Scrub, a division of HHB, has supplied a significant number of upgrades to iZotope’s RX 4 audio enhancement and restoration software for London’s leading audio post production facilities.

Scrub issued over 100 RX 4 upgrades and new licences within days of its release, and with leading post houses like Molinare, The Farm Group and Vaudeville TV purchasing dozens of licences to use across multiple studios, RX 4 has become Soho’s leading software solution to fix common audio problems and inconsistent recordings.

The powerful tools offered by RX 4 help post facilities deliver pristine audio and dialogue, free from problems like unwanted noises, distortion and room reverb. It is also faster and easier than ever before to fix problems in conjunction with audio or video editing software, without slowing down productivity. RX 4 Advanced offers even more specialised post production features, including an automatic leveller and a new loudness module for meeting broadcast standards.

Vaudeville TV has utilised iZotope’s RX software in all of its systems since RX 2 was launched. The upgrade to RX 4 has equipped Vaudeville with increased performance and valuable new features. Owner Dan Jones comments: “EQ and Ambience Match offered with RX 4 Advanced really help speed up the time we spend on our dialogue pass of the mix. It’s very handy indeed!”

Leading UK post specialists The Farm Group purchased 18 RX 4 Advanced upgrades from Scrub. Dubbing Mixer Nick Fry explains: “We have been using RX 3 at The Farm for about a year and our engineers often call on its Denoiser and Spectral Repair plug-ins. When we saw the new features introduced by RX 4 Advanced it seemed an obvious upgrade.”

Scrub Head of Sales Ben Scully comments: “RX 4 is the de facto audio restoration and enhancement software for London’s post community. From removing unwanted sounds to simply ensuring consistent audio takes, RX 4 does many things very well. There just isn’t anything that can match the power and simplicity of RX 4.”

Contact Scrub Head of Sales Ben Scully for further information on: +44 (0)20 7025 6020 or [email protected]

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HHB Communications Limited

Founded in 1976 and located in London, HHB Communications is a global leader in the supply of professional audio technology. Serving in the broadcast, recording and media production sectors, HHB’s unique expertise is also recognised by major manufacturers and innovators, many of which have appointed the company as exclusive distributors of their products. The specialist division, Scrub serves the needs of the television and film post production industry from premises in the heart of London’s Soho.

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