Scrub supplies Avid S6 for Prodigious

 Scrub, a division of HHB specialising in post production, has supplied an Avid S6 M40 control surface to London design and digital production specialist Prodigious.

Prodigious offers award-winning audio content production for leading brands that range from L’Oréal to Renault. Sound Designer Michael Powell has used the S6 for a variety of mixing projects from feature films to short-form commercials. He explains that the visual feedback of the console and the Display Modules are hugely effective in keeping him on top of large sessions: “The colour coding of the S6 surface and Display Modules gives us a new level of visual feedback that we have found incredibly effective. We chose the M40 with the Display Modules and they have been invaluable in enhancing the speed of editing and mixing with the S6.”

Powell also feels that the speed of latest Pro Tools systems and offline bounce feature saves valuable time: “Whether I am creating multiple versions of a project or bouncing reference mixes, the speed of the latest Pro Tools systems and the offline bounce saves us an incredible amount of time, which is essential given the variety of projects we mix on a daily basis.”

Scrub’s Technical Sales Team worked with Prodigious to supply and configure the M40 on site: “Scrub has been an invaluable partner and helped us choose the S6 that fits our requirements, providing commissioning services and top-notch support along the way,” says Powell.

Head of Scrub Sales Ben Scully comments: “Prodigious’ new facilities are truly state-of-the-art and they were a great partner to work with. The S6 M40 is an extremely versatile mixer that we were able to custom configure to fit the needs of their requirements.”

Customers are invited to view the full features of the S6 and v2.0 software with a knowledgeable Avid specialist by contacting Scrub sales on +44 (0)20 7025 6020 or [email protected].

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