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75 Ohm coax cable (2964)
Audio or video cable
RRP £2.00 ex VAT
Twin unbalanced coax cable (2965)
High quality stereo unbalanced audio lead
RRP £3.06 ex VAT
Twin miniature 75ohm coax cable (2947)
Compact video cable
RRP £1.73 ex VAT
Subminiature 50ohm coax cable (2381)
Subminiature Cable
RRP £0.76 ex VAT
Monitor Cable (2326)
Miniature video monitor cable
RRP £233.00 ex VAT
Complexed video camera cable (2673)
1×50Ω, 2×40Ω COAX. cable
RRP £Call ex VAT
Complexed COAX Video Camera Cable (2543)
Video camera cable
RRP £Call ex VAT
Superflexible subminiature coaxial cable
RRP £314.15 ex VAT

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