Nugen Audio

Computer Audio Software - Plug-ins


Musician 2
Music mixing and mastering plug-in bundle
RRP £Call ex VAT
OneKnob Series
Processing plug-in collection
RRP £Call ex VAT
Renaissance Maxx
Vintage hardware emulation plug-in bundle.
RRP £Call ex VAT
Personal production plug-in collection
RRP £Call ex VAT
Sound Design Suite
Sound design plug-in collection
RRP £Call ex VAT
SSL 4000 Collection
Four plug-ins based on SSL 4000 Series
RRP £Call ex VAT
Tony Maserati Signature Series
Seven all-in-one multi-effect processor plug-ins
RRP £Call ex VAT
Video Sound Suite
Audio plug-ins for video editing
RRP £Call ex VAT
Plug-in emulations of Neve modules
RRP £Call ex VAT
Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter
Hardware plug-in emulation.
RRP £Call ex VAT
C6 Multiband Compressor
Compressor plug-in
RRP £Call ex VAT
Vocal pitch correction plug-in
RRP £Call ex VAT
Noise removal plug-in
RRP £Call ex VAT
SoundGrid-compatible live sound plug-ins
RRP £Call ex VAT
Pro Show
Collection of over 100 plug-ins for SoundGrid-enabled consoles
RRP £Call ex VAT
SD7 Pro Show
Over 100 SoundGrid-compatible plug-ins for use with DiGiCo SD7 consoles
RRP £Call ex VAT
SoundGrid-compatible plug-ins for live sound
RRP £Call ex VAT
Studio Classics Collection
Plugin bundle.
RRP £Call ex VAT
Broadcast and Production Bundle
Broadcast and production tools.
RRP £Call ex VAT
Diamond Bundle
Audio processing plug-in bundle.
RRP £Call ex VAT
Gold Bundle
Processing plugins bundle.
RRP £Call ex VAT

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