Computer Audio Software - Plug-ins


PCM Native Effects Bundle
Plug-in bundle
RRP £357.50 ex VAT


Analogue Channel HDv5
Analogue tape / channel emulation.
RRP £233.00 ex VAT
CompressorBank HD v5
RRP £150.00 ex VAT
Emerald Pack HD v5
Plug-in bundle
RRP £2496.00 ex VAT
FilterBank HD v5
RRP £233.00 ex VAT
Classic Pack HD v5
Plug-in bundle
RRP £458.00 ex VAT
Retro Pack v5
Plug-in Bundle
RRP £416.00 ex VAT
MC2000 HD v5
Multi-band compressor.
RRP £233.00 ex VAT


SoundCode Broadcast Supreme Bundle
Plug-in bundle.
RRP £2503.41 ex VAT
SoundCode LtRt Tools
Pro Tools Dolby Pro Logic Encoder/Decoder Plug-in.
RRP £476.00 ex VAT


Producer Pack
Mix and Mastering Professional Tools
RRP £349.00 ex VAT
Master Pack
Monofilter + Stereoplacer + MasterCheck + Visualizer + ISL 2st
RRP £285.00 ex VAT
Mix Tools
Stereoizer + Monofilter + Visualizer
RRP £210.00 ex VAT
Stereo Pack
Exceptional stereo enhancement & control plug-in bundle
RRP £175.00 ex VAT
Halo Upmix
Stereo to 5.1 and 7.1 upmixer
RRP £329.00 ex VAT
Halo Downmix
5.1 and 7.1 to stereo downmixer
RRP £199.00 ex VAT


Mastering Tools
Mastering, metering and loudness plug-in bundle.
RRP £480.00 ex VAT
Continuous Loudness Control
Loudness correction software
RRP £800.00 ex VAT


Pitch n’ Time
Time-stretching and pitch-shifting AudioSuite plug-in.
RRP £518.40 ex VAT
Pitch ’n Time Pro
Time stretch and pitch shifting.
RRP £585.00 ex VAT


Elite Bundle
Plug-in bundle.
RRP £1176.00 ex VAT

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