Nugen Audio

Computer Audio Software - Plug-ins


Optional 3D Immersive Extension
(7.1.2 Dolby Atmos® bed track-compatible upmix/Amisonic Output)
RRP £129.00 ex VAT
Halo Downmix
5.1 and 7.1 to stereo downmixer
RRP £199.00 ex VAT
Nugen Halo Upmix plugin with 9.1
Stereo to 5.1, 7.1 and 3D upmixer
RRP £459.00 ex VAT
Post Pack
Post production for Film, TV and Games
RRP £725.00 ex VAT
Thousands of ways to enhance your system
RRP £19.00 ex VAT


Mastering Tools (Masterclass PlugIns Series)
Mastering, metering and loudness plug-in bundle.
RRP £480.00 ex VAT
CLC - Continuous Loudness Control
Loudness correction software
RRP £800.00 ex VAT


Pitch n’ Time
Time-stretching and pitch-shifting AudioSuite plug-in.
RRP £518.40 ex VAT
Pitch ’n Time Pro
Time stretch and pitch shifting.
RRP £585.00 ex VAT


Elite Bundle
Plug-in bundle.
RRP £1176.00 ex VAT
Enhance Bundle
Plug-in bundle.
RRP £318.75 ex VAT
Essential Bundle
Plug-in bundle.
RRP £892.50 ex VAT
Envelope shaper
RRP £275.00 ex VAT
De-Esser and a Dynamic EQ plug-in
RRP £175.00 ex VAT
Oxford DeBuzzer
Buzz detection and removal plug-in
RRP £175.00 ex VAT
Oxford DeClicker
DePop, DeClick and DeCrackle plug-in
RRP £175.00 ex VAT
Oxford Dynamics
Compression, Limiter, Expand, Gate and side chain EQ plug-in.
RRP £200.00 ex VAT
Oxford EQ
AAX supported plugin.
RRP £200.00 ex VAT
Fraunhofer Pro-Codec
Auditioning, encoding/decoding of audio with codecs
RRP £295.00 ex VAT
Oxford Inflator
AAX supported plugin.
RRP £115.00 ex VAT
Oxford Limiter
Programme loudness control and limiting plug-in
RRP £195.00 ex VAT

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