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Pro Tools® | Eleven MK II
Guitar and bass plug-in for Pro Tools
RRP £329.00 ex VAT
Pro Expander
AAX plug-in.
RRP £79.00 ex VAT
Pro Limiter
Loudness maximiser plug-in (AAX)
RRP £Call ex VAT
Aphex Aural Exciter and Big Bottom Pro Bundle
AAX Native 64 and AAX DSP 64 plug-in
RRP £329.00 ex VAT
Pro Tools HD software add-on
RRP £329.00 ex VAT
ReVibe II
Room modelling plug-in
RRP £329.00 ex VAT
Reverb plug-in
RRP £329.00 ex VAT
AudioSuite plug-in
RRP £329.00 ex VAT
Classic Compressors Bundle
RRP £199.00 ex VAT
Focusrite d2/d3
Equaliser and compressor/limiter
RRP £199.00 ex VAT
RRP £199.00 ex VAT
SC2 and VC5
RRP £199.00 ex VAT
Moogerfooger Bundle
Effects and synth plug-ins
RRP £199.00 ex VAT
Pro Multiband Dynamics
AAX plug-in
RRP £199.00 ex VAT


Studio DNS One
Dialogue noise suppressor Plug-In.
RRP £2600.00 ex VAT
Studio 7 Declick and Decrackle

Noise correction and removal software
RRP £2000.00 ex VAT
Studio 7 Auto Dehiss
Hiss removal software
RRP £2000.00 ex VAT
Studio 7 Complete

Audio correction plug-in bundle
RRP £7500.00 ex VAT


Removes wow and flutter from recorded music
RRP £2681.55 ex VAT
Medodyne Assistant
Pitch-correction software.
RRP £176.18 ex VAT
Melodyne Editor
Pitch-correction software.
RRP £282.31 ex VAT

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