Genelec Black and White



All-in-one PA system.
RRP £813.00 ex VAT
SW10 Studio Subwoofer
Powered subwoofer for Yamaha MSP series monitors.
RRP £772.00 ex VAT


Cable Clamp - YT3219
For M!ka Monitor Arm and M!ka Mic Arm (10 pieces)
RRP £30.00 ex VAT
Cable Clamp for m!ka Monitor Arm - YT3220
Cable organiser clip to tidy your wiring (Pack Of 10)
RRP £30.00 ex VAT
Genelec 8020 to VESA Adapter - YT3237
Made for mounting Genelec's 8020 speakers to a m!ka Monitor Arm
RRP £96.00 ex VAT
Plastic Sleeve - YT3247
Necessary to mount m!ka Mic Arm, m!ka Studiolight and m!ka EasyLift (10 Pieces)
RRP £18.00 ex VAT
MMS Wall Mount Pole - YT326
Aluminium Pole 35" (88.9cm)
RRP £105.00 ex VAT

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