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The DM1000 delivers 48 channels of transparent, super dynamic 24-bit/96kHz audio, effects and processing on every channel, extensive surround production features, integrated control for digital audio workstations and automated recording into a very compact, rack mountable package. The DM1000 features an intuitive control surface which allows analogue-style hands-on operation (ideal for sound reinforcement and broadcast applications) and houses 12 user-defined keys, available for assignable functions. The unit offers the same acclaimed mic preamps as the DM2000, and is equipped with 20 XLR analogue inputs and 12 analogue XLR outputs. The DM1000 includes a range of 96kHz-compatible stereo effects with 32-bit internal processing – with several specifically designed for surround – along with comprehensive dynamics and automation. An optional MB1000 meterbridge is available providing 16 input level meters and 8 meters to display bus levels, also provided is a timecode display.

• Balanced XLR analogue inputs with high performance head amplifiers and A-D converters on channels 1-16

• 32-bit internal processing

• 2 x Mini-YGDAI expansion slots

• Fully featured automation

• Onboard sample rate conversion

• Comprehensive Word Clock options

• MIDI compatibility

• USB port

• Console cascading possible via expansion slot