8-Ch. Dual Input 3G/HD/SD-SDI Audio Monitor. 1RU.


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The AMP1-8-M offers fast, intuitive operation for monitoring SDI audio in the most demanding production applications. Whether in the studio or on the road, the AMP1-8-M provides instantaneous selection and summing of any grouping of SDI audio pairs. It features volume and balance controls, clear display of levels, and phase indications on bright 2.4? LED-backlit LCD displays.


  • Simultaneous level metering of 8 de-embedded audio channels from SDI
  • High resolution metering with 166-segment displays
  • Quick, intuitive push-button selection of any pairs to sum to monitor
  • Monitor through built-in speakers, headphones or analogue outputs with optional muting for internal speakers
  • Stereo or mono monitoring
  • Stereo phase indicators
  • Adjustable Volume amd Balance
  • Balanced stereo analogue outputs on XLR-Ms. Fixed level or volume/balance controlled.
  • Automatic frame rate detection and selection
  • Totally digital system architecture with high fidelity Class D amp
  • Selectable line level or front panel volume control and outputs
  • Shallow chassis depth for easy installation in OB vehicles and consoles