Multichannel reverb algorithm for System 6000.


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The TC Electronic Reverb 8 for System 6000 offers up to 16 reverb output channels of ultra-realistic space. Capable of feeding any input signal, from mono to stereo, and 5.1 or 7.1, Reverb 8 delivers an infinite number of output channels, making it perfectly suited for Dolby Atmos (up to 62.2 surround), Barco Auro (11.1 surround) or NHK’s multichannel broadcast format Super Hi-Vision (22.2 surround). Multiple System 6000 MKII frames can be linked in a network, offering reverb for virtually any channel-count.
Reverb 8 provides extra discrete that allow the addition of wild and imaginative spaces to even a mono source. It offers a comprehensive user interface that takes hundreds of parameters into account in the rendering, and allows spaciousness to be manipulated quicker and better than before via a new Grid display. Even when the Decay time is changed from 2 to 10 seconds for all channels, Reverb 8 protects the balances of a mix.
The Reverb 8 mix-down process has been carefully designed so that rendering to 22, 11, 7, 5 or two channels does not offset the mix balance. From 32 channel rendering to mono is achieved without the introduction of phasing artefacts or altering the balance of a mix.