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The Music System 6000 MKII is optimised for all types of music production and features all of the algorithms included with the Reverb 6000 – Multichannel as well as Stereo Reverbs. In addition, it provides numerous additional algorithms that are invaluable in music production, including Stereo Mastering tools, TC’s LM Loudness Radar Meter and the state-of-the-art MDW EQ by George Massenburg Labs.

Multiple high-quality stereo and multi-channel reverbs are offered, such as SpacePan and every reverb and delay preset, which includes the complete Halls of Fame bank and the Skywalker Sound Collection. The VSS3, VSS4, Nonlin2 and Reflector reverbs are also featured, with access to hundreds of film and music presets as well as the stereo section of Halls of Fame.

The Music 6000 is also offered without the Icon remote for 10,000.00 (ex VAT). Code 902132061.


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