TC ELECTRONIC Film 6000 MKII with Icon Remote.

Signal processor.


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Film 6000 MKII is tailored for film production, offering essential tools for creating and mixing audio for film. It features 19 high-quality algorithms for stereo, surround and even unlimited multichannel versions. The reverbs are designed to appear prominently, whether in mono, stereo, 5.1, 7.1 or extreme multichannel formats like Auro and Dolby Atmos. It also includes the UnWrap HD for unfolding a stereo signal to 5.1 surround and the ITU-compliant LM6 Loudness Radar Meter as well as the TASA-compliant AM6 Annoyance Radar Meter.

Film 6000 comes with all of the algorithms that were included with the Reverb 6000, Multichannel as well as Stereo Reverbs,  plus the 8-channel Rev8 algorithm that was not available for the Reverb 6000. Additional film production algorithms are supplied, including LM6, Varipitch 8 and Toolbox 5.1.

The Film 6000 is also available without the Icon remote for £10,000.00 (ex VAT). Item no. 902128061.


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